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Home Health Aide

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Class Description 

Home health aides monitor the condition of people with disabilities or chronic illnesses and help them with daily living activities.  Home health aides work in a variety of settings, including clients’ homes, group homes, and day services programs. Most aides work full time, although part-time work is common. Work schedules may vary.


In the state of Florida, to work as a home health aide candidates will need a 75 hour HHA certificate from an approved Florida post-secondary school.  This course offered is a hybrid course, with student’s completing an online, self paced course (60 hours), and 15 clinical skills in person.  Skills sessions are held on Fri-Sun from 10-4pm.  Upon successful completion of the online course and skills, student’s will receive a diploma certificate. Diploma issued by a Florida accredited post-secondary school.


Upon registering, student’s will gain access to the online course.  The online course is to be completed prior to the in person skills portion. The course listed is the in person skills session.

Class Includes: 

  • 75 Hour HHA Certificate

  • Hybrid- Self Paced Online & 15 In-person Skills

  • Diploma issued by an accredited Florida Post-Secondary school

  • Job Placement

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