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Be Prepared to Save a Life

Quality healthcare training, provided by dedicated, trained professionals.  

Mission Statement

Our mission is to add value, skill, and knowledge to the healthcare industry by providing quality training to future healthcare providers and the communities we serve.

Thank you to our local community for inviting us to share the importance of our services.


About Concierge Healthcare Training Services & Consultants

We are a small business committed to delivering quality health and safety certification training classes.  As mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, our passion is in training others to be prepared to save a life.  Directed by experienced healthcare providers with decades of hands on clinical experience, we guarantee a unique and personalized touch on your training.  


At Concierge Healthcare Training Services & Consultants we offer quality training to healthcare providers interested in professional development, as well as the communities we live in.  We take pride in understanding the importance of equipping all cultural backgrounds with life saving skills. We care about the quality of life saving you deliver


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